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Every now and again we’ll highlight the best posts over on WearePerth.co.uk, the best (only?) Saints fan forum.  In amongst the usual inhouse jokes there is always some really good opinion!

This week, we’ve had:

Lomas Must Go – Here’s Why started by the Indicator, and focused on the negativity shown by Lomas, especially sparked after his pro Rangers comments before the final game of the season.  Oh, and 5 defeats in 5 didn’t help?  The general opinion is he needs time and deserves the chance to build his own team.  His signings have been questioned, but he did say at the start they were ‘squad players’.  The thread featured a post by a new poster called ‘Jonny’ who wrote this – surely this is the big man Steve himself??

“Originally Posted by Jonny
An unreal thread. Really, unreal.

Did Del get top 6 last season? No.

Did Lomas take a squad which might have lost the plot when the manager left to take a pay rise from an English club and get it into top 6. Yes.

Would Del have made top 6 – who knows, he hasn’t set the Championship on fire.

Did he have a pot of money to spend. No, Fran, Jody and others are Bosmans and he fought suitors off Fran and Jody.

But he picked up the threads, brought in loans to bolster – and at the end of the season when a thin squad, ravaged with injuries and suspensions failed to get into the Champions League (which of course was obviously no less than the club and fans expect) then he is a useless manager?

Lomas has raised the profile of the club, how often was Del on Sportscene, Football Focus and other interviews. The amount of press mentions of the club name brings in sponsorship revenue.

How much work did Del do in the community? Did he live in Perth, did he spend most evenings out at events, kids football matches and so on? Not nearly as much, that’s why it was emphasised.

Has Lomas got everything right. No. Sometimes he is too honest. He might say what he’s thinking, get frustrated.

Is there a press officer and PR department advising this promising rookie manager, not seen it if there is.

Has he got an experienced and guiding hand from Geoff Brown, no.

But despite this, he has achieved a good finishing place overall and those injuries and suspensions would have nobbled anyone, let alone against Celtic and Rangers, or even Motherwell, Dundee Utd, Hearts, who all have higher wage bills, more strength in depth.

Now he says that getting into Europe and playing in qualifying rounds in July might be a double-edged sword in a summer in which a lot of players are out of contract.

So those players being out of contract must be HIS doing surely. It is CLEARLY a sign of some kind of disrespect for a manager who they all speak highly of.

It clearly isn’t because they are going to take more money in England, or Spain or Australia or wherever than in the SPL which pays poor wages overall let alone in St J where the Chairman says he can’t do anything until the RFC thing gets sorted out. And obviously it is nothing to do with the fact that someone let this number of contracts all expire at once.


Every club extends key players contracts well before they run out. A year before at least, so why would these players not have been signed up long before the new manager came in.

Oh yes, thats because they weren’t confident of getting into the Top 6 or Europe or whatever, even though now everyone is acting as though that is the very LEAST that should be achieved.

In fact, this has been a yo yo club, which has made the top 6 for the first time in 12 years. Above expectations.

And because the manager wants to temper the massively over inflated expectations about European adventures in a summer in which he needs to focus on getting a team in and settled ahead of aiming for another Top 6 season, he should be sacked.

Right. And what for? Getting Top 6 or not getting Champions League… BEcause this is clearly a club which habitually does both. Right?

Oh but hang on…

Actually no it doesn’t and hasn’t and maybe wouldn’t have done. And it may yet make Europe rather than sounding as though it has been relegated or that Lomas has done something terrible other than suggest a degree of realism and to want to focus on the real next step of bringing in a decent set of players on a limited budget with no transfer fees coming in and poor revenue from attendances.

Some people ought to be careful what they are wishing for. Which wonder kid are you bringing in next to take the 9 players into the Top 6?

Where is the reality here?”

Meanwhile, we’ve had the multitude of Europe threads, the transfer rumour thread is growing, although no real names as yet, the thread begging Steve Brown to kick Rangers out and an interestingly mixed debate on the merits of keeping Haber or not.  So far 60% think he’s worth keeping…