Why Scottish Football doesn’t need Rangers

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been following the excellent RangersTaxCase Blog with great interest.  What started as a humble blogger spouting 99% crap (copywright Craig ‘the Motherwell Born Billionare’ Whyte) has turned into the biggest story in Scottish football history.  But one which has been coming a long time.

It started with a taxcase which involved Rangers potentially needing to pay 25 million pounds.  It has turned into a circus of the highest order.   We’ve had the revelations that there was dual contracts in play (every trophy won since 2000 invalid?) , found out that Rangers haven’t paid ANY tax since October last year, watched as their ‘supporters trust’ published paypal details for a clown in england (no joke… picture attached as evidence!) and listened to the usual threats if Scottish football doesn’t do exactly what they say (I have a feeling Ally McCoist’s ‘We have a right to know’ speech will go down in history).

The paypal address directs you to pay direct to a Clown!!

Now we have the arguments why Scottish Football needs Rangers.

But, it really doesn’t.

Would we lose some money?  Sure, gate receipts would be slightly lower (only slightly… Saints averaged and attendance this season of approx 4000 people, as opposed to the 6500 fans who watched our last game v the Huns – I make that about 50,000GBP thanks to Rangers)

But… we would also gain a league position higher than we otherwise would be.  The average rise in the SPL brings 100,000GBP more in prize money.  Already, we are actually better off!

If you listen to the MSM (Mass Scottish Media or Succulent Lamb Brigade) then we’ll also lose the TV cash…

BUT – we won’t.

ESPN have already said they are staying – if they do SKY will have to stay too otherwise the market will be monopolized.  Let’s just say that the TV deal is reduced… maybe by 50%?  That would see about 500k a year disappearing from the Saints income.  On turnover of just under 4million, thats a fair chunk.

But what would the result of losing that much money, across the board in Scottish football?  Well, for one, it would reduce wages dramatically.  Saints are forced to pay higher wages due to the Rangers of this world artificially increasing the wages of, lets be real

here, average football players.  For Saints to stay ‘as they are’ the wages would have to reduce in line with the reduction in income.  By 50%?  No, by 12.5 %, the reduction in our turnover.

Take Rangers out, and it will force the ‘bigger’ sides to cut costs dramatically (Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts etc) which, in turn will cut wage demands across the board.  Infact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Saints in a better position financially than they are now.  Wages will be lower, in line with the reduced turnover.  With so many players out of contract, its not like it will be hard for Saints to realign costs.

With 25% of fans saying they won’t be back if Rangers are allowed to stay in the league, is it really worth the risk?  Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned if we could just let them go and give Scottish football the lifeline it so desperately needs?  They say Scottish football would be dead without Rangers… but allowing to them to stay means we’re dead anyway.  At least without them gives us a chance…