SaintsQuickNews – May 2012

31st May…………..

Gregory Tade should sign on today, with most the news outlets confirming he is about to put pen to paper.  The move was delayed a day as chairman Brown was tied up in a meeting at Hampden to discuss the latest in the Rangers scandal.   Meanwhile Lomas is vowing to hold onto Stevie May, who has impressed in the Den Haag comp, while the 4th signing of the summer may be Jonny Tuffey, a goalie from ICT.  Presumably meaning Enckleman is away?

Speaking in the Courier, Lomas revealed he is hoping to keep Jamie Adams and Finnigan at the club, but with the later injured he may have to wait around until the pre season starts. ”Carl is still injured so that one is a bit up in the air at the moment but all things being equal he is one I would like to keep.  ‘But as things stand we can’t offer a contract because of the injury. Carl might want to look elsewhere and see if someone will give him a contract now but if not he will be more than welcome to join us for pre-season and take it from there.”

He also confirmed our thoughts above that Enckleman is looking elsewhere as Saints look to slash the wage budget in this area.

The SPL meeting produced little in the way of encouragement re: the Rangers saga, although the rules for going into administration will now include a penalty of 1/3 of the points total from the previous season, and any newco will be voted on by all members of the SPL, not the 6 man board.  Finally there is some news snippets, from the SFA which are anti-Rangers.  A good sign things are changing.

Our current/former (?) striker Derek Riordan appeared in court following an incident in Edinburgh at the tail end of the season.  He has been charged with assault and part of his bail conditions will mean he is banned from Edinburgh city center from 7pm to 7am daily.  He will stand trial in October.  Story from STV here…  I guess he is our former striker after all…

Last word today – Daily Record.  Saints are in Europe this season… thanks!

30th May…………..

First up, and it seems Gregory Tade is about to join the Lomas revolution at McDiarmid Park.  Here is him telling the Express that he is very close to signing a 2 year deal, with Europe the draw.  Meanwhile, the latest rumored signing is Niall McGinn of Celtic, also from the Express.  One we will miss out on though is ICT winger Johny Hayes, set to sign for Aberdeen.

Stevie May has apparently warned Steve Lomas that he wants a clarification on the role he will play next season before he signs a new deal.  Lets hope this is sorted soon.

The shit has truly hit the fan over on the Rangers Saga.  The message that really needs to get out there is please, please, please, end this charade now, before Scottish football is killed for good.  Even FIFA are now sending out warning messages…  I have linked to their CVA proposal in the menu bar. Needless to say it is an entertaining read (what, it’s not meant to be funny?), stating on one page the assets are worth 5.5million and on the very next page stating they are worth 110million… hmmm.  From what I can work out, they are proposing paying less than 1p in the Pound, and that’s assuming Craig Whyte doesn’t enforce a floating charge (ha, fat chance) and that they don’t spend more than 1million over the next 6 weeks (look – a pig is flying!)

29th May…………..

Things are fairly quiet on the Saints front at the moment, with no new transfer gossip as yet, although rumors on Gregory Tade continue.  A few comments reportedly from him:

“I have great respect for Mr Butcher as he gave me my debut in the SPL.  I had a good Year in Inverness and i have worked with some fantastic people – the players – assistant manager Maurice Malpas and the coaches and staff there.  I am Flattered Mr Lomas wants to sign me and he wants me in his team, especially as St Johnstone will be playing in Europe.”

“St Johnstone is a big club and playing football in Europe is a big thing.”

Meanwhile, the signing of Gary Miller from Ross County is finally official and on the official website.   Alex Cleland apparently convinced him to join…

On the Rangers tax saga front, it seems former Saint Billy Dodds has put his foot in it – I might cover that one tomorrow.

I have set up a SaintinAsia Euro Fantasy football private league on the website.  Link to join is and the league PIN is 8016503.

28th May…………..

First up, despite the official site still not reporting it, Gary Miller seems like he’s accepted the contract offer at Saints and will join from Ross County, as reported last week.  According to the Ross-shire Journal anyway.  No more news on the other transfer targets, but expect something early this week on Tade and Hasselbaink.

Stevie May got his first taste of action in Scotland colors, playing the whole game v Man City in an Under 20’s tournament in Den Haag.  The game ended 0-0, so hopefully no one will steal him away before we get him resigned!

More news in the Courier about the plans to knock down the North stand to help ease Perth traffic congestion.  The new council is pushing ahead with the plans and Geoff Brown is still well on side, saying ‘St Johnstone FC own only a very small part of the area under construction but we are co-operating to the extent necessary to enable a section of the proposed road to pass through our land, and this will involve sacrificing some of it for the solum of the road and the North Stand — part of which may be reconstructed once the land requirements are more accurately known.  Any financial benefits will flow directly, and only, to the football club, which is in my view is a community facility.”

26th May…………..

First new signing of the preseason yesterday, with Tam Scobbie signing up from Falkirk on a 2 year deal.  A left back, he will provide a younger alternative to Callum Davidson next season.  He’s 25 and has 8 caps for Scotland Under 21’s.  Rumors also suggest Gary Miller of Ross County has signed a contract with the Saints for next season, with RC expecting him to leave early next week.

As for the existing players, Lomas is hoping to sign another few up next week when they return from holiday.  Players such as Jodie Morris are yet to decide on their future next season.

Stevie May may feature this weekend for Scotland Under 20’s in the Den Haag tournament, with Man City their first opponents.

Interesting interview in the Perthshire Advertiser with Steve Brown, with more on the Rangers situation.  Needless to say, he doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that he’ll do the right thing.  More scaremongering as well with a comment of 1.5 million pounds being brought in by Rangers.  A load of rubbish, as majority of this is from SPL prize money and TV income, which, would still be there without Rangers!!  It also doesn’t allow for the income gained by 2 games against other clubs and a potential increase in prize money for finishing higher in the league!

25th May…………..

Ok, so looking like the Adams to Dundee story is a load of ****.  The Courier article yesterday is from August 2011(!) and nothing else anywhere else.  As far as we can see, Adams has another year on his Saints contract, so this would be a strange one, especially given his popularity with the fans and the lack of bodies elsewhere in the squad!

Meanwhile, confirmation from Lomas that contracts are being offered to Tade of ICT, Miller of Ross County and Hasselbaink who was released by St.Mirren.  Competition for Hasselbaink is tough though, with Aberdeen and Kilmarnock also reported to have offered contracts.  Various tweets from Ross County fans are telling us to piss off and not sign Gary Miller, so he must be kinda good…

Also, Stevie May has won a few awards for his great work while at Alloa on loan, winning the 3rd division young player, AND Player of the year award.  Well done that man!

Finally, ex Saint Nathan Lowndes has signed for Scone Thistle

24th May……………..

Nothing confirmed yet that I can see re: Carl Finnigan and Jamie Adams joining Dundee, although the Courier does have a story with Jamie Adams top of their wishlist.  Continued rumours on the Sproule, Tade and Miller stories, with some confirmation from Lomas that they have been offered deals, along with renewed stories about Nigel Hasselbaink, who was released last week by St.Mirren.

It looks certain that Saints will be unseeded for the Europa Cup qualifiers, and @Stjohnstone1884 has listed the possible teams we will face.  I’m still trying to work out if a draw against Aktobe FC of Kazakhstan would mean the away tie would be closer to me in the Philippines than it would be for those of you back in Perth!  Possible teams here.

On a ‘not reflecting well on Saints’ note, former youth defender/midfielder Daryn Smith has been found guilty of pocketing money from elderly people while working for Perth & Kinross council.  He’s been ordered to pay back the 7000GBP and put under supervision for 2 years. Ooops!

May 23rd…………..

Lomas wants Ivan Sproule of Hibs (I’m thinking this is a ‘link Saints to every N.Irish free agent’ type story, rather than anything likely) – Story by the Sun.  Other names linked today are Gregory Tade of ICT and Gary Miller of Ross County, linked by the Press and Journal who reckon we’re in talks… see here.

Meanwhile, STV have picked Frazer Wright and Fran Sandaza for their alternative team of the year – Story hereThe Courier has an interview with Murray Davidson who’s getting excited by Europe – clicky

Over on Twitter @Stjohnstone1884 reckons we are all but certain to be unseeded in the qualifying rounds for the Europa League, as Levski Sofia look certain to qualify in Bulgaria, meaning a trip to ‘larger’ team is likely, while tweets from Dundee suggest Carl Finnigan and Jamie Adams have left Saints to join Dundee… although the ‘tweeter’ does also claim Drogba has joined ‘LA Galaxy for 55 million’ so I would take this one with a pinch of salt…

Finally… goalkeeper Zander Clark has signed a new one year contract… possibly putting an end to the Jonny Tuffey rumour (we will seriously be linked to every N.Irish player this year won’t we?!)\