SaintsQuickNews June 2012

22nd June…………..

And so it has begun.  Today Dundee Utd and Hearts, to add to Hibs, came out and categorically stated that they will vote #NotoNewco.  Mad Vlad at Hearts gave his typical ranting response while Dundee Utd confirmed they were forced to follow the season ticket holders, with less than 50% sold compared to last season.  Saints, the silence is deafening!

Saints target from Millwall, Chris Hackett, looks unlikely to be coming, with him reluctant to move his family north, while Stevie Thompson of St.Mirren is the latest rumor connected with Saints.

Finally a twitter rumor linking Liam Craig to an unnamed SPL club… hmm… club 12 by any chance?

21st June…………..

Firstly, JimSpence tweeted last night that Saints have sold just 200 season tickets so far.  To all ‘The Rangers’ fans out there, that doesn’t mean we can’t survive without your diddy club, just that we are smarter than the rest and will not buy until you guys are consigned to history.

Anyway, on better news Falkirk striker Farid El Alagui, who scored a ton of goals on his way to winning the Division 1 Player of the year award last season is in talks with Saints and Kilmarnock, as well as Brentford.  He is 27 and from Morocco.

20th June…………..

A new rumor today, with stories coming from Bristol indicating McInnes is about to make a move for Murray Davidson, with a 400,000GBP price tag being muted.  Could pre season gossip, but would certainly make sense… was Saints midfield last season Championship class?

If you’ve been on planet Z, you might have noticed Saints have drawn Hearts on the first day of the season.  As the fixtures are copyrighted I can’t tell you when and where they’ll be played… honestly… and they wonder why crowds go down!  You can though click here and go to the SPHell website to find out.  Can’t wait for the Tayside Derby on the 2nd of January (I mean the match against Club 12!)

For nostaligic Saintees, there is quite an interesting interview with Sergei Balatcha here…

Finally – pics of what is possibly our new kit, although other sources are saying we will have a new sponsor and that it is not officially launched until July.  Anyway, you can see V1 here…  We’ve definitely had better…

16th June…………..

A new transfer target today, with the Daily Express and the BBC reporting Saints have offered a contract to former Millwall and Hearts winger Chris Hackett.  The 29 year old winger was released from Millwall this summer, is right footed, 6ft tall and is a former county sprinter!
Millwall site @NewsatDen tweeted in reply to @Stjohnstone1884 , “Very quick. Used to be a county sprint champion! Lovely cross on him, but struggles to beat a man. Hesitates too much.”
Meanwhile, the Ibrox propaganda continues with a story from the Express that Lee Croft will only join Saints if Rangers stay in the SPL… apparently they didn’t read my article that Saints will be better off without the cheats (IA) anyway.
Finally, the official site has officially confirmed that Stevie May has signed a 1 year deal…

15th June…………..

Jody Morris has been in the Scotsman saying goodbye to the Saints fans.  F*cking Legend.  I’m sure we might see him back in the future as a possible Saints manager.  Good luck to him at Bristol with Del Boy.

“When the gaffer signed me in 2008 it was at a tough time in my career, but St Johnstone is where I fell in love with football again.  I can’t speak highly enough of everyone at St Johnstone; the staff, my team-mates and the fans.  It was great to be a part of the most successful St Johnstone side of recent times, especially qualifying for Europe in the latest campaign and I’m very proud of that.  Of course I leave with a heavy heart and I’m sad to go, given my affiliation with the fans there, but this opportunity is one that I had to grab with both hands.”

14th June…………..

Saints Pre-season fixtures… our tour this year will be to Europe – destination decided 25th June…

I’ve made a few changes to the menu bar above – the Twitter list now includes all the players, with those not on twitter linked to the official site profile of them.  Easy to see that we now have 20 players confirmed and signed up for next season, with most of the remaining out of contract players expected to depart…  I have also added the fixtures to the Season 2012/2013 tab, along with season ticket info.

Confirmed games so far are in the image.  2012/2013 fixtures are out on Monday and I will add as well… assuming no one try’s to stop me… do you still need to  pay to display them?

13th June…………..

It’s been a long weekend over in the Philippines due to our Independence Day celebrations yesterday (I celebrated it with copious amounts of San Miguel Light) so I’ve not been able to get online for a few days (not due to the SMB I hasten to add) and meanwhile Scottish Football has been a little bit active.

Firstly – Rangers are headed to liquidation – read my latest thoughts on that here.

Onto Saints, and we say goodbye to Jody Morris who has joined McInnes at Bristol City. Clicky.  Inbound however is Nigel Hasselbaink, who has confirmed he is signing a 2 year deal with the Super Saintees.  He’s on twitter and is added to our list in the bar above.  However, another target may be off to Oldham, with the Latics confirming interest in him.  Clicky.

While Morris is away, Stevie May is signing a new deal and will stay with us next season – great news.  The players that do sign on, will be required to live within 10 miles of Perth if they want help with accommodation.  No more living in Glasgow thanks!

Stjohnstone1884 has updated the list of possible Euro opponents on twitter – see here.

Finally – the John Tuffey rumors are back, with a twitter post suggesting he has signed… while the Daily Record has quotes from Steve Lomas confirming the signing is complete – “Gregory has now signed on the dotted line, Johnny’s move has been confirmed and Stevie’s deal is all agreed.”

8th June…………..

First up and Saints have announced details of a dinner to celebrate the achievements and contributions to the club of Geoff Brown.  Dinner will take place on the 28th of October, with tickets priced at 60GBP.  Details here. Finally season ticket details have been announced, with under 12s FREE with an adult, a 150GBP student season ticket and deals for 12 – 18 year olds, while the adult pricing has been frozen. Full details here. Good move by Saints – lets hope newco Rangers are kept out of the SPL so its not all in vain.

Steve Lomas has been in the Courier complaining about the Under 21 rule.  Article here.  Hints in it that Steve May, who spent last season on loan to Alloa will have a bigger part to play for Saints this season.  Right next to it in the Courier is the news that former Saints youth Charlie King (remember him?) is joining Swankie at Forfar next season.

Former Saintee, Sam Parkin has joined St.Mirren.  The question got asked yesterday whether he was the target man that Steve Lomas is after.  Well, I did the ‘Moneyball‘ thing again, and decided, he wasn’t.  See below:

7th June…………..

Gregory Tade is finally officially a Saintee.  It says so here.  In quotes attributed to Lomas, he has also indicated the Hasselbaink signing is official and that the next target, is a target man, in the Daly or Higdon mold.

In ex Saints news, Gavin Swankie has rejected a new contract from Arbroath to join Forfar…

6th June…………..

Still very quiet on the Saints front, although the official site has confirmed the news we all knew last week, that Jamie Adams has signed a new one year deal.  Story here.  The Sandaza to Trabzonspor rumors gather pace, with lots on Twitter and Facebook in Turkish linking him to the Turkish side.

5th June…………..

Out of contract striker Fran Sandaza is being linked today with a move to Turkish club Trabzonspor on twitter.  See here.  Everyman and his dog is expecting the prolific hit-man to move on soon after a fantastic season at Saints.  Still no word on his replacement with papers quiet over the moves for Gregory Tade and Nigel Hasselbaink with no official confirmation yet of their signings.  Given they are on holidays this is not a surprise…

Wondering where your season ticket renewal letter is?  Well, it’s coming this week according to the Official Site.

4th June…………..

Jamie Adams is officially staying at Saints, with a new one year deal signed.  See here.  Hopefully Tade and Hasselbaink will be officially signed in the next 24 hours too.  Also rumors that Stevie May is keen to resign, so our attack is already starting to look pretty decent for next season, and with Adams signed the central midfield isn’t too bad either.

A New article of the financial impact should Rangers depart the league… Makes good reading for Saints.  Now we just need to make the rest of the SPL understand.  The Scotsman ran a similar article on the weekend, see here.

3rd June…………..

A quiet weekend for Saints news, although more papers are saying we’ve signed Nigel Hasselbaink on a 2 year deal. Nothing official as yet though. Meanwhile there is a chance the North Stand may be saved with Geoff Brown quoted as telling planners that there is no way the stand is coming down. I have been working on an article about these plans so we’ll look more into this next week.

One player that will not be at Saints next season is striker Carl Finnigan, who has completed his move to Dundee. See here. Always nice when your rivals resort to signing your rejects isn’t it 🙂

Finally, make sure you visit next week as we’ll be launching the first compeition to win some Euro goodies. Stay tuned!

1st June…………..

Gregory Tade should become the 3rd summer signing today, as Lomas looks to increase the striking options.  Speaking to Sky Sports he said, “We have signed Gary Miller and Tam Scobbie, so that’s the defensive part of it sorted.  Now I’m looking to get the attacking options we need.  We’re keen to bring Gregory on board because he’s a powerful striker.  Getting the right frontmen in will be the difference between us finishing in the top six next season or not.”

And hot on his heals comes Nigel Hasselbaink, with agent Humphrey Nijman, telling the Telegraph ““Everything has been sorted out pending a medical, which Nigel will undergo when he returns from his holiday in Surinam” The 21 year old, former St.Mirren striker will sign a 2 year deal.  Looks like a strikeforce of Tade and Hasselbaink then?

No, hold the front page, because we are also linked again with David Healy of Rangers (IA)… Yep, he’s from N.Ireland, hence the link.

Despite Lomas asking Carl Finnigan to stick around for another season, it seems he has been offered a deal by Dundee and could be away soon.  I doubt many fans will be too sad to see him leave, especially to Dundee.

Sad news on WearePerth, with news that loyal club servant Paul Smith is leaving the club.  Paul has provided a fantastic line of communication between the club and the fans and has been a great asset to the club.  You can leave your best wishes for him over on the forum.

Finally, the indestructible former Saints striker Graeme Jones is favorite to succeed Brendan Rogers as Swansea manager, increasing further the number of ex Saints in high profile English management positions.