Don’t write off Regan? Now you can…

At the beginning of last month I wrote an article entitled “Don’t write off Regan (yet)“.  It was in response to his comments following Rangers (IA) decision to take the SFA to court over the transfer ban given for non payment of taxes over the course of the last 12 months.

Following yesterday’s comments however, it is clear that I was wrong.  You should write him off with the rest of the corrupt men in Scottish football…

In his previous comments Regan said;

the very principles on which the Scottish FA – and, for that matter, UEFA and FIFA – are founded, …would be fundamentally compromised

…the very principles?

Regan, before you step down, could you explain a few things to us, the customers of Scottish Football?

Which principals were you talking about when you said;

“Some clubs in the SFL are afraid of the implications of the decisions. There is the moral argument, the fear of a fans’ backlash and there are financial implications to consider. But when we look at the alternative, it is not possible to think about it without thinking of the game withering on the vine. We cannot contemplate that and the message has to be that Division One for Rangers is the only show in town as far as the future of Scottish football is concerned.

Maybe it was the same principals used when you said;

Without Rangers, there is social unrest and a big problem for Scottish society,”??

I posted at the beginning of the week, that the UEFA and FIFA statues very clearly state that every member of the organization, the SFA included, and most definitely its CEO must, at all times,

ensure that sporting values always prevail over commercial interests

Which part of your comment Regan ‘ensures that sporting values prevail’?  You go onto say that sponsors have get out clauses, and thus you must break the rules to protect commercial interests.  The directors of Clyde have released a damning statement that the SFA along with Neil Doncaster spent 5 hours threatening the SFL clubs.  Rather interestingly in their statement they said:

The Board of the SFL are being put under intolerable pressure by the other bodies looking to avoid the implications of properly applying their own governance procedures.

In summary, the SFA implication is that there will be no entry to the SPL. The SPL implication is that it therefore has to be SFL1 with a bit of restructure, or an SPL2 with the rest of the SFL cut adrift. There were no other options. Whilst Stewart Regan said that the SFA did not favour an SPL2, there was no equivalent abhorrence of that proposal as was attached to the proposal for a Newco in the SPL, leaving the implication that the door remains wide open for the SPL to secure their £16m with or without the SFL.

Denials of the substance of the message being delivered do not assist anyone in this absolutely dreadful situation.

For the avoidance of doubt – to Regan, to Doncaster, to anyone else who behind the scenes is pushing this SPL2 nonsense.  Anything other than upholding the SFA, SPL and SFL rules will constitute throwing away sporting integrity.  You have already lost fans who are fed up of Scottish Football.  The rest will follow if any of your plans come to fruition.

Regan has mentioned there is only 2 options.  SPL2 or SFL1.

Well, Regan, as far as WE are concerned there is only ONE option.  Apply to Division 3 like everyone else.  The fans judge sporting integrity.  Not you.  Fail to follow our wish, and we walk away.  Follow the rules, uphold them “WITHOUT FEAR NOR FAVOR” (remember saying that Regan… I do!) and the fans will follow.

In the words of Aberdeen’s spokesman yesterday at Hampden, when question over Rangers possibly being consigned to division 3 – “we’ll be alright” either way.