Thanks to all for spreading the word!

Just a quick thanks to all that read the article posted on Friday about the TV deal.  It has attracted over 15k unique views over the weekend, and that number is continuing to rise.  Thanks to those that retweeted and got the word out there.

It was debated on an excellent ‘Off the Ball’ programme on Saturday with Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan (I was described as a ‘Young Saints fan from the Philippines’ – not sure I agree with the young bit, but cheers for the mention Stuart!!)  In addition a national newspaper has been in touch for a follow up article, taking into account a lot of the suggestions made on how to improve accuracy.

It has been written and sent off, so it may be appearing later this week.  Should it not it will be posted on this blog instead – if printed fear not a link will be posted, but I feel if we can get things like this into print it will have far more impact than a humble blog post, even with the reach my last one had.

Meanwhile, keep up the pressure.  The document released over the weekend regarding the Friday the 13th vote was quite frankly shocking – link here – keep on the pressure and do not allow the SFA/SPL/SFL to get their own way.  It is for the good of Scottish Football!!