Saints v Eskisehirspor: Euro Adventure begins

What with the Rangerstaxcase stuff, and work commitments, I have not had the time to focus on the Super Saintees, and our European travels.

The draw drew us against the Turkish side, which has finally been confirmed as Eskisehirspor who play in the city of Eskisehir 200 miles South East of Istanbul.  I am not going to do a full travel guide, as my work wouldn’t be a patch on what is over on the forum.

For anyone who hasn’t worked out how to get there yet, these are the threads you need to read:

The Big Turkey Travel Thread

Istanbul to Eskisehir

Attire in Turkey

For anyone undecided on whether to go… GO.  It will be the time of your life.  Still unsure – check out the Vaasa and Monaco pics from 1999.

Want some attire?  Pick up a Saints Euro Tshirt here!

Take some pics, and I’ll be setting up a photo sharing site for you guys to post all the photos!  Unfortunately I’ll be stuck in Philippines for this one.

Come on ye Saints!