Knowing our Rights… my article in the Herald!

Many thanks to the Herald for publishing a rework of my article from last week on the SPL/SFA TV deal.

You can read the article here… for those of you who can buy the paper it is page 2 and 3 of the Sport pages in Wednesday’s Herald.  It looks at the TV deal, but taking into account the TV viewing figures generated in other European countries, and factoring in the EPL as well… conclusion is more or less the same though 🙂

For anyone who questions the numbers, please see below where I have compiled links to the sources used to generate the numbers.  Not going to highlight them all, but REALLY want to start off with the myth re: Rangers contributing 50% to the TV numbers.


This is taken from a report into Scottish Football commissioned by the SPL here.  This was used against me last week as evidence I was wrong… I wasn’t!  I copied the numbers across, and worked out games without Rangers.  The drop off would be 27% without Rangers, not 50% like Rangers fans would have you believe.  See here. To any Rangers fans that read this – I am not trying to get at you or devalue you or your (former)club.  I am simply pointing out how poor our (the whole of Scottish Football) leadership is!

The Setanta deal?  Short term thinking from ALL clubs, including our own?  Absolutely.  100% agree.

The final point I want to make is, I understand something is only worth what someone will pay for it.  BUT, it is only worth that because of the ineptitude of the people selling the game – it SHOULD be worth much more, as the numbers prove.  It is like in the Apprentice when the guy who sells nothing claims the product wasn’t sell-able, while the guy next to him has sold thousands.

In the words of Alan Sugar…. Doncaster… Your Fired!

(1) – What Doncaster said re: worth of our game.  Direct reference.

(2) – current attendance numbers for games across Europe

3) – Greece broadcast numbers

4) – Norway TV Deal

5) – Austria Subscribers

6) – Swiss TV deal

7) – Swiss subscriber numbers

9) – report into Norway TV figures – run through google translate first!

10),,10291~160369,00.pdf – the SPL report detailed above

11) – Google Docs analysis of Scottish game viewing figures.


13) – The Dutch Model

14) – The number of Scots aboard.

15) – Case study on Norway football TV deal and other Scandinavian football deals.

The original article was here.