Rangerstaxcase – quick web round up:

There has been a selection of excellent articles in the blogosphere over the last few days.  Here is a brief selection of ones worth reading.

A new site has cropped up, called ‘Honesty in Sport’, in which they have some great info already, including contact details for all SFL clubs, so you can make sure they know our views, as well as a summary of current events and where we stand.

Henry Clarson posted today an excellent article asking ‘What if there’s no Santa’ – an excellent analogy to Rangers (ia).

Meanwhile fans favorite chairman Turnbull Hutton has been talking again, with an excellent interview on the STV website.  Especially like his final comments below – sure he picked that up from RTC!

“The best suggestion I had was that all the SFL clubs should send their mascots. Our Roary Rover and Sammy the Tammy from Dunfermline should go up arm in arm up the stairs at Hampden.

“It would be a fine pantomime finale for what has turned out to be a pantomime all through.”

Duff and Duffer have released their latest financial summary on Rangers (IA) which contains some cracking comments, and some more ridiculous figures, including details that they sold off all freehold property to Green for 1.5m…  except, that money is still in a ‘client’ account.

Meanwhile, not content with being disgraced with his previous comments of financial Armageddon when SKY pull out, Doncaster has now offered a new deal including a 16 team top flight.  He might have forgotten claiming 6 months ago that a 16 team top flight would cost us 20m a year, but, yep… he did.

Finally – a new post over on Rangerstaxcase.com, and its one of the best ones yet!

Tomorrow is a massive day for Scottish Football. The fans ARE being listened too.  The next day or so will bring more pro Rangers articles in the MSM… Let’s make sure Sporting Integrity prevails.