Today is the Day. It should bring a vote of No Confidence…

Today is the day.  It is the day that will make or break Scottish football.

On one side we have a united Scottish support – not just the ‘diddy’ clubs, but Celtic and Rangers (IA) fans.  Spearheaded by the internet bampot campaign the fans are as united as they have ever been.

One the other side we have the Old guard.  The MSM – the succulent lamb journalists – and the heads of Scottish football – Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster and others.

In the middle of all this we have the clubs.  The SFL clubs.  The clubs which play for passion… for the love of sport… for sporting integrity.  And today, they will decide which side they are on.  It seems fairly certain, given their statements over the last few weeks that Sporting Integrity is their only agenda.

But today’s meeting shouldn’t just be about where Sevco Scotland/5088 play next season, if they play at all.  Today should be about the SFL clubs ridding themselves of a cancer that has taken over Scottish football.  When I woke this morning I was shocked to see the below image.

Surely a joke I thought… then I read up on the events on STV last night.   It seems the media still don’t get it.  They are still peddling lies, and they won’t stop until Sevco Scotland have a place in the upper echelons of Scottish football.  To call Neil Doncaster, Stewart Regan and David Longmuir (we are yet to see exactly who’s side he is on) ‘The Three Wise Men’ is an insult to journalists everywhere.

Today should be about two things for the SFL clubs.

1.  To reject the ridiculous proposals put forward by Regan and Doncaster.  I’m using the words of Clyde FC as they have put it better than I can:

“We have received absolutely no information on the organisation Sevco Scotland Ltd whom we are being asked, and encouraged, to vote straight into the top division of the SFL under resolution 2 and possibly into SFL3 under Resolution 1. We have no business plan, list of directors, details of ownership, statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future. 

It is our hope that some credibility can be introduced to this process…. If a leap of faith is to be taken, then in the current circumstances it will be taken blindly”

2. To raise a vote of No Confidence in the leaders of Scottish Football – Doncaster and Regan.  Their time is up.  Before they break any more rules, and fudge Sevco into the SF1, an SPL2, or, god forbid, the SPL itself.  They have gone to great lengths so far to get Sevco in somewhere – how far will they go?

Still questioning that they should get the sack?  Let’s forget their incompetence (negotiating the TV deal), the threats to member clubs, outright backtracking on league structures, and their blatant breaking of their own rules.  Let’s just look at what their OWN clubs are saying about them;


“They (Doncaster & Regan) then, somewhat bizarrely, came to the SFL meeting and asked us to vote as they wished (against sporting principles) and not as they had done.

Incredibly they then proceeded to threaten our organisation with dire outcomes and implied threats if we did not bend to their joint will.

This would effectively give control of the whole of Scottish senior football to the failed management structure of the SPL.”


Neil Doncaster was unequivocal when he said that there would be no payment under the agreement and stressed that it was not the board of the SPL that made big decisions, it was the clubs themselves. We have concluded that it defies credibility that the SPL clubs would instruct the SPL to deliberately breach a legal agreement.

We see Resolution 2 as a matter of trust and it would take a change of personnel and attitude for us to be confident that David Longmuir would be entering discussions with a group of people committed to a collaborative process in a spirit of genuine partnership.


We are not convinced at the emotive language currently being aired to describe the potential ramifications to our game should a NewCo not be given special case treatment and consider that the benefits that could be negotiated do not counter balance the damage that would be done to the credibility of the SFL as a governing body.”


“If our Governing bodies ever get round to tabling any firm proposal to vote on it is unlikely in our opinion that this proposal, in isolation, would be acceptable to the members.”

Partick Thistle

“On its own this proposal is clearly unacceptable, on a number of levels, and is something the Board of PTFC are not prepared to support.”

And, saving the best for last, Turnbull Hutton…

Raith Rovers

“I can understand the argument but I am not convinced at the figures which have been produced and distributed,

I wonder if they really understand Scottish football. I think they understand the money making concept and look at the English Premier League as a role model.

“But I don’t think either of them have been to a game at Annan, Brechin, Peterhead or whatever else. They don’t understand what goes on in the lower leagues.

“If you don’t understand that, then your job in the SFA especially is to have an overall brief watching Scottish football. If we are focusing on Premier League and cutting deals to protect the Premier League, I think that is wrong.”

I think there is a feeling that they’ve lost the plot in one or two ways. It is going to be difficult for them to regain the trust I think they have lost.”

So… there you are.  The fans want you gone.  The teams want you gone.  Doncaster… Regan… it’s time to go.