Winners and Losers: August 5th 2012

One of my favorite articles on the web is the Winners and losers column… as its centered around the EPL though, I thought a Scottish one wouldn’t go amiss.  Obviously, it will be heavily centered round the Super Saintees though – here goes!


Scottish Football

Armageddon?  No TV deal?  Nobody will turn up?  Well that was proved to be a load of succulent lamb tripe this week, with a new tv deal almost matching last years deal, along with increased attendances on opening day.  St.Mirren attracted 600 more fans against Inverness when compared to the same fixture last May, with Hearts v Saints having a similar increase.  The new boys Dundee saw Killie have a full 1500 fans more than last years average attendance, while just under 49,000 were at Celtic Park.

So what we’ve been told all summer was rubbish then?  Yep.

Stuart Cosgrove and the BBC

Stuart was invited onto Traynor’s ‘Your Call’ last night, and showed just how the media landscape has changed, as he systematically destroyed the arguments of the succulent lamb press.  Even Traynor had to conceed that the ‘newco’ RTC (TSFM) was a great idea.  Meanwhile over on Radio Clyde, their phone in went 40 minutes without a call…

…oh dear.

Lomas’ new signings

Having lost 10 players at the end of last season Lomas has been busy rebuilding, and 3 of them started against Hearts.  Despite the result, and the red card, they all showed glimpses that they will fit well into the set up.  As Alan Preston said on the Beeb afterwards, if Saints play like that every week they will win more than they lose…

David Templeton

We’d have needed, quite literally, a team of Dave MacKay’s to stop him yesterday.  A brilliant performance by all accounts, and from just the benefit of the highlights he looked on top form.  Scottish teams will need players like him on form if Celtic are to have a title challenger this season.

Jamie Langfield

Ok, so he could easily be in the losers, however, his tweet straight after the game proves he is nothing other than a winner.

I fucked up, deserve every bit of criticism and abuse everyone is giving me I apologise #SORRY

A bit more of this and footballers might get a good name!

The New boy’s

Given Dundee have had a few weeks to prepare for the SPL, and Ross County are seen as massive underdogs, two draws on opening day isn’t a bad way to start…


Their biggest victory ever.  Well done.



Not the best way to start the season…


Ok, so we can put to bed the rumors of Rangers paying refs through EBT, unless of course Hearts are up-to the same tricks 🙂 (for the avoidance of doubt I do not think this is happening and I’m being sarcastic!!)  O’Reilly’s decision to show Gregory Tade a red card in the first half for a scuffle from a free kick was nothing short of a disgrace.  See what I mean here.   Both players were pulling each other.  If we are going to start giving red cards for that we’ll be playing 5 a side football for the second 45.  Football is, and always has been a contact sport.

The Saints defence

One of our strong points last season, but MacKay failed to cope with the pace of Templeton, while Wright and McCracken struggled with the strength of Sutton throughout.  If Saints are to mount a challenge for the top six again this season, it is vital our sound defensive line continues.  Hopefully it is just a blip after decent performances in Turkey.

Ticket Prices

Saints fans were charged 25Gbp to get into Tynecastle yesterday, while home fans paid 21Gbp for the main stand.  When Hearts come to visit McDiarmid the away stand will cost 21Gbp, with kids FREE.  The Ormond stand will allow entry for 15GBP with the kids also free.  Scottish Football has to become more affordable, but it needs all the clubs to do this, not just a handful.

John Gemmel Jr.

Who?  Apparently a striker playing for Stenhousemuir.

Why is he a Scottish football loser?

For tweets like this.  With Rio Ferdinand the latest high profile player to be charged by their FA for tweets they shouldn’t have sent, John Gemmel should be having a real long think about what kind of role model he wants to be.  A bit part lower division journeyman should not be writing **** like this about a fellow professional.

Clyde Radio Phone in

No calls for 40 minutes.  Seems ‘Armageddon’ will happen for some… the succulent lambs.  Real Radio got out at the right time.

Nil – Nils

With Scottish football under scrutiny, a few more goals would have been nice!