I am not Stuart Cosgrove…

Reading through a few of the forums which have linked into yesterday’s financial look at Sevco (listen… Rangers = Rangers IA.  Your either The Rangers or Sevco, and Sevco is easier to type.  It is not a slur on you.  It’s just a fact that until 10 days ago you were called Sevco) there has been a couple of fans, on both sides of the argument thinking I am someone else.

I am not Stuart Cosgrove!

Post from FollowFollow.com… another poster on there was much closer to who I am (only about 3000km out)

From Kerrydalestreet.co.uk – once again… not Cosgrove… Sorry 🙂

While it is flattering to be compared to Stuart, I think he would be insulted to be compared to a humble blogger like myself!

Sorry Stuart!!!