Winners and Losers – August 13th


The Rangers fans

You gotta give them credit.  38k fans against East Fife is pretty good going.  If they have attendances like that in the winter months then they deserve more praise.

Murray Davidson

Last week Murray Davidson was singled out by BBC pundit Alan Preston as one of five SPL players to watch this season.  The point Preston picked up on was that Murray had to start turning his runs forward into goals to complement the rest of his game.

So a few more goals, such as his one at Motherwell, should set him nicely on his way to the Scotland squad, especially as our next winner is already there.

Ian Black

7k a week (reportedly), gets to play against part timers each week and now a Scotland call up.  This 3rd division lark is easy right?

Rory McAllister

Now SFL3 is seen as an acceptable standard for international football, surely 65 goal man McAllister should be a shoe-in for the Scotland side?

65 goals in the last 3 years.  Now that Craig Levein has declared that the SFL3 is of a high enough standard for international recognition, surely Rory is just a few more goals against Sevco away from a first Scotland cap?  After all, he is our top goalscorer…

Steven Fletcher

On form for the last two seasons, and now apparently a 12m rated striker.  Yet Levein/SFA still don’t want to bury the hatchet with him.  What gives.  When did Scotland last/ever have a 12m rated  striker?

Ross County

A full calender year unbeaten is a magnificent achievement in any league.  More so for a small “unfashionable” club.


Looking likely to be a closely fought league this season.  No one team appears vastly better than the others, and there doesn’t appear to be any whipping boys this season either…  A close, exciting season will be the result.

Steve Lomas

You gotta give the man credit – he certainly knows how to defend the fans.  Saints will never have the largest support, especially away from home.

Stevie May

Assuming Beattie is not match fit, he will be a strong candidate to start v Aberdeen next week.  With Vine and Tade back the following week, it may be one of the few opportunities he gets to impress after his sterling season at Alloa.

Charlie Bannerman

A quite frankly brilliant article printed in the Highland News.  Asking all the questions that the rest of the MSM have been unable to ask.  Remember, this whole Rangers debacle has only one loser – the creditors owed 134m.  While Black, Sandaza and any number of overpaid journeymen run around in a field in Peterhead, the honest shop keeper and face painter are left seriously out of pocket.


Charlie Bannerman

Unfortunately for Charlie, a story worthy of any national newspaper will only be seen by Highlanders and internet bampots.  Meanwhile, he’ll continue reporting on Shinty.  It’s a sad predicament when writing about  real news gets you nowhere, but writing about Billionaires is considered news worthy.

Murray Davidson

Overlooked in the Scotland squad for a SFL3 player…

David Longmuir

Who pretty much said that the game is a bogey.  Whether the quotes attributed to him were twisted by a Rangers supporting MSM, or whether he actually meant it is irrelevant.  His failure to dispute claims that he would support a club, if convicted of 10 years of cheating, of keeping trophies won will cheating, should be enough for a vote of no confidence.  Surely his comments, or lack of denial of such comments, make it impossible for the SFL to punish any club of cheating after the fact.

It makes you wonder just what is the point in having any rules?

Steve Lomas

Saints fans can’t help feel it was 2 points lost on Saturday, and much of the blame has been pointed at the N.Irishman’s feet.  His lack of urgency to make substitutions seems like a trait picked up from Derek McInnes.  All fans were adamant that Vine should not have been on the pitch to make the lethargic tackle that saw him sent off.  With 25 mins to go, and leading against 10 men, surely Stevie May’s energy would have been just what was called for?


This week it is Billionaires and 9 players on loan.  You would have thought they would have learnt their lesson with the Motherwell born Billionaire and you would think at least one member of the MSM owns an SFA rule book.  Succulent lamb must be back on the menu in more ways than one…

Craig Levein

His call up of Black, and his omission of Wallace may just have guaranteed the lowest ever attendance at a Scotland game.  The Rangers fans will now boycott, along with the rest of the Scottish Football Public.  Well done Craig.

Dylan McGeouch

Ouch… the young Celtic winger’s season took a set back in a meaningless friendly against Real Madrid.  A small consolation to what is now a 6 week lay off is that his name is now known to the wider public – if the reports coming from Celtic Park are close to being accurate, he will be a future star.  Get well soon buddy.

SFL Rule book

The Rangers took to the pitch on Saturday in the Rangers (IA) training top.  The SFL rule book states:

87.3 When two clubs, having the same or similar first choice colours registered,
engage in a League Championship game, the visiting club shall play in its
second or third choice playing kit which must be different and distinct
playing kit from the home club’s first choice playing kit. At least 48 hours
prior to all Championship, Reserve and Youth matches, the competing
clubs shall establish written contact with each other and the match referee
to advise of the exact colours and description of the respective club’s
playing kits. In the event of a clash of colours on matchday and the away
club not having with them their second/third choice registered playing kit,
then the away club will require to play in the home club’s second/third
choice registered jerseys and/or shorts and/or socks. Both clubs shall
change, under similar circumstances, when playing on neutral ground. In
the event of any dispute with regard to the playing kit to be worn by either
club, the referee’s decision shall be final.

Another minor rule you say?  But a rule all the same, which, once again has been ‘overlooked’…  Again… why have a rule book?