Top6: Tannoy’s upsetting the opposition…

With the news today that the Falkirk tannoy man has been suspended by Falkirk for announcing the half time scores as ‘The Sevco Franchise v East Stirling”, I thought I’d take a quick look into other tannoy announcers and their ‘misdemeanors’

Before we get started, it is shocking that a Tannoy announcer is being suspended for getting the name slightly wrong.  Afterall, even the official SFL website has stated the wrong name for THE Rangers FC.  If Rangers fans don’t like it, they better get used to it, as it’s only just begun.  For what it is worth, from now on, until it’s announced he is reinstated, Rangers on this site will be known as ‘The Sevco Franchise’…

But without further ado, here’s the SaintinAsia top 6 tannoy announcements, in no particular order!

Bristol Rovers v Bristol City

As the team lines were read out by the Rovers announcer he came to Number 8….

“Number 8 – Junior Bent…. and he is”

The P45 was in the post the next day for the Rovers announcer!

Bedworth Utd v Bedfont

When Stanislaus scored for Bedfont from a blatantly offside position, the announcer made sure everyone knew:

“Scorer of the Bedfont goal from an offside position was number nine Stanislaus!!”

Such refreshing honesty!

Cardiff City’s Yassine

Such is his popularity, the Welsh/Somali/Egyptian announcer has been winding up opposition for years, with stunts such as goading opposition strikers (Lee Trundle of Swansea) for eating all the pies, playing Steptoe and Son theme tunes when West Ham turn up and goading Bristol fans with the Wurzels.  He is so popular he has his own book deal!

Kettering v Luton Town

Near the end of a controversial defeat for Kettering, the announcer announced the sponsors MOTM from Luton… moments later, a different voice came on the tannoy, that of the chairmen’s son, pronouncing

“Luton’s MOTM who needs to go to specsaver

s is the Ref”.


Scarborough v Barnet

The home sides announcer had made no secret of having trouble with ‘foreign’ names, so when Barnet turned up with one Toby Ohshitola in attack, the announcer took the sensible approach of asking Barnets manager Peter Shreeves how to pronounce the name.  In typical fashion, the reply was ‘slowly and every letter’

Cut to the second half, and the aforementio

ned striker was brought off the bench, allowing the announcer to practice his new learnt skill…

“entering the field number .. Toby “OhSHITolaa”

You can’t blame a guy for trying!

Hereford v Portsmouth

With Hereford losing 3-2 and the match drawing to the close (bear in mind we are in the middle of the hooligan era here) the Hereford announcer made the mistake of saying:

“would the away fans refrain from damaging the seats in our new stand”

Five minutes later and the pristine new stand was new no longer as seats rained down on the pitch.  If only he’d kept his mouth shut eh?