Winners and Losers 20th August 2012


Ross County

still unbeaten, and now they can include the champions in the list of those unable to beat them.

Kevin Moon

injuries to Davidson and Cregg should mean Moon is in line for some game time at Easter Road.  Thought by many Saints fans as the closest to Jody Morris we have, this may be his last time to impress a clearly unimpressed Steve Lomas


A class above Saints, when, on paper, they shouldn’t have been.


If indeed the links between Ticketus, Octopus, Zeus Finance and Charles Green turn out to be true, then the 49k + attendance at Ibrox on Saturday will help to bring back some of the outstanding 27m fronted to Craig Whyte last season.

Nigel Hasselbaink

One of the few Saints players that looks like having the creative spark needed to break down SPL defences.


Some Saints fans scoffed at short odds on Lomas becoming the first managerial casulty of the season.  Given the rumors, and the lack of results, they are looking very right…

Dundee sides

Largest non Celtic crowd of the season, and larger than the Edinburgh Derby… Armageddon continues.

Aberdeen traveling support

1700 fans – another sign of Armageddon then.


The only bright point to come out of this weekend was a red card for Dundee Utd’s lethal striker Russell.  A red which rules him out of the game in 2 weeks time (pending an appeal – one that should be thrown out the way Tade’s was…)


Steve Lomas

Where do I start?  Is it the 12 matches without victory?  Is it the rumors circulating Perth that ‘non footballing matters’ may lead to problems?  Is it the tactics of starting a 5ft something striker upfront on his own and proceding to pump high balls at him for 90 minutes?  No… its the complete lack of willingness and cohesion shown by him and his team.  Outplayed from the first minute against Aberdeen, a 2-1 defeat was flattering, with even partisan Saints fans agreeing Aberdeen’s two ‘offside’ goals were perfectly good.  The players don’t seem to know what they are meant to be doing – the ones that do are out of position, and Lomas doesn’t seem to know how to change things.  The next 3 games will determine whether he is the manager come October…  The short odds on Lomas preseason being first manager out are not looking far off now.

Steve Lomas (again)

If the above wasn’t bad enough, his interview with SPL TV, followed by his comments to the Sunday media were beyond defensible.  For a team like Saints to have the largest senior squad in the SPL (yes, we have more over 21 players than even Celtic), including the quality of players like Vine, Beattie and Davidson, is amazing.  To then hear the manager complaining he needs more support from the board is really disappointing.  All bar 3 or 4 teams in the division would take our squad right now over theirs.

As I know Lomas will read this (or, at least his ‘Personal Adviser’ will), a bit of advice.  Quit complaining.  Stop blaming others (especially the board) and get the players working together.  You may have injuries and suspensions (and the blame for those lays at your feet) but our squad is still superior to others.  McInnes/Coyle would have put a team out, worked hard, stayed organised, and come away with a draw or a scrappy win.  On Saturday your side looked like getting neither, and had surrendered before a ball had even been kicked.

Over Achieving?  Not with the squad we have relative to others.

McInnes twice turned it around after a poor start… so did Coyle.  Time to show us all that your like them, rather than another Sandy Clark.

MSM (again)

The Daily Record ran a ridiculous story on Friday about the ‘world record’ attendance scheduled to watch TRFC (The Rangers FC) against East Stirlingshire on the weekend.  It took the internet bampots approximately 30 minutes to show this ‘reporting’ to be utter ****.  What is scarier is the BBC, Fraser Wishart and co, decided to continue on the myth throughout Saturday’s Rangers-lovein.

For those in doubt, can I refer you to the following:

Santa Cruz v Guarany de Sobral of Brazil Serie D (fourth tier) –  5th September 2010, Crowd? 50,897.  It finished 4-3 and you can see the crowd for yourself here – just in case you think I’m making things up.

Stevie May

With 3 first choice strikers out, the only game time May got was on the right wing, despite Saints being 2-0 down.  He is probably wondering why he signed that new contract now.


Hang on – you have them as winners!  Yes, but, this was a chance to hammer in their goal difference for the season.  A one goal margin given the gulf in class and effort between the two sides was quite frankly shocking.

Craig Levein

Now the SFA’s mouthpiece.  4-6-0 formations is one thing.  Not reconciling with Fletcher is another.  Playing a SFL3 midfielder is bad enough – but his defence of the decision was inexcusable.  It’s a time for change, not just in the national side, but the whole SFA set up.