Winners and Losers 27th August 2012


Steve Lomas
Despite defeat, a much improved performance, and although his post match interview was reminiscent of listening to Sandy Clark bemoan a ‘lack of luck’ , at least Lomas’ team looked up to the challenge.

The quality is there – the players still want to play for Lomas… we just need a few points on the board, but they need to come soon, and the next few games will present a real challenge.

Scottish Youth

While The Sevco Franchise (TSF) purchase SPL journeyman to help them achieve mid-table notoriety, the SPL clubs are taking the chance to blood their youngsters.

Celtic’s Tony Watt and Filip Twardzic both stared for Celtic on the weekend, while 17 year old Thomas Reilly scored a 90th minute equalizer against a Motherwell team who also provided debuts to two 19 year olds.  If this continues a steady stream of youngsters will have three years top flight experience by the time TSF return to the top flight.

Something that can only be good news for the Scotland national team.

Tony Watt scored a double for a young Celtic team on the weekend.

Steven Fletcher

The most expensive Scot ever.  A nation our size should be moving the heavens to get him in the national side.  No matter how much of a ‘NED’ some people think he is.
(posted this before seeing this stat.   Most proflific striker in the EPL last season…)


1 point separates the top 9 teams.  What was that we were told about a boring league?

Hearts and Celtic

Scottish clubs this season in Europe have not been given the best draws, but  Hearts put on a fantastic display against Liverpool, while Celtic’s win in Sweden means Champions League football should be on the agenda this season.

Club finances

With Celtic set to get champions league football, but content to do so with a young Scottish team, their bank balance is going to be very healthy in 12 months time.  And with other SPL teams cutting their budgets, yet cash flow staying the same (as confirmed by St.Mirren earlier in the week), bank managers of Scottish sides across Scotland will be much happier people this time next year.

TV rights

SKY paid approximately 5m pounds to show the Stoke v Arsenal game.  On that basis, 10m for 40 Scottish games is a bargain…


TV rights

…on the other hand, the Liverpool v Man City game really showed up the difference in quality between the two leagues.

Steve Lomas

Again, also a loser.  Rumors continue… results are abysmal.  How long can he hold out?

Gregory Tade and Paddy Cregg

Missed an absolute sitter against Hibs.  Prepared to be shot down on this, as we are only a few games in, but anyone else get the impression he was a ‘back up’ signing in case we didn’t get our number 1 targets, which I assume, were Beattie and Vine?   Meanwhile, is Cregg any better than say Moon?

Kevin Moon

A winner last week but very much a loser this week.  Not played despite Murray Davidson carrying an injury and Millar out.  He should be on the phone to his agent today planning his future away from McDiarmid Park.  Something that I feel will come back and haunt Saints in the future.  While other clubs blood youngsters, and put points on the board, ours sit on the bench.

3rd Division refs

I debated whether to write this, but given the underhand dealings, lack of transparency and blatant rule breaking that has occurred during the summer, it is understandable that every time a decision goes the way of ‘The Sevco franchise’ (TSF) questions will be asked.

The real question that should be asked is why the so called ‘refereeing elite’ are being asked to referee these games.  Are the usual 3rd division refs not ‘good enough’ to grace the presence of Sally and co?

Red cards

While on the subject of refs, am I the only one to notice a rather high number so far this season?  And is it only me, or have none of the red cards been little more than harsh second bookings, or handbags between two frustrated players.

In fact, have any of the red cards given this season been correct?

The Rangers creditors

D&P released another report on Friday, detailing how in the month of July they performed 382,000GBP worth of work on ‘behalf’ of creditors?  What was achieved during that time?  Allowing TSF to collect SPL prize money and answering Lord Hodge’s questions regarding conflict of interest.

Corporate law in this country stinks!

League Reconstruction

Lets just say TSF finish 4th in the 3rd division.  Can anyone explain to me how a 3 league structure would include TSF in the 2nd tier without massive, and I mean massive, rule bending?