A SFA review: Of Managers and Punishments

“Who are these people? I want to know who these people are,”

The now infamous words that left Sally McCoists mouth on the 25th of April, just after an anonymous, and confidential, three man panel ruled that the non payment of taxes, and the sporting advantage it gave was second only to match fixing in its seriousness.  The result was police protection for the panel and private security to protect Raith Rovers ground from a threatened arson attack, after it was discovered one of the panel members was a Raith director.

Roll on five months, and another independent, and anonymous panel has found McCoist guilty of the following:

(1) Disciplinary Rule 66 (Bringing the game into disrepute by calling into question the independence of the Judicial Panel that sat on 17th, 18th, 20th and 23rd April 2012 in respect of a case against Rangers FC and Craig Whyte).
(2) Disciplinary Rule 71 (Not acting in the best interests of Association Football by calling into question, in a media interview, the independence of the Judicial Panel that sat on 17th, 18th, 20th and 23rd April 2012 in respect of a case against Rangers FC and Craig Whyte).

A third charge of demanding the names of the panel has either been ruled not guilty, or has not been ruled on.  Not surprisingly in this saga, there is no further information forthcoming.

So, guilty?  The punishment – a suspended 3 match touchline ban.  No fine.

While we sit and contemplate the terrible punishment that McCoist has got, lets look at some other ‘crimes’ committed by Scottish football managers and compare their punishments:

Steve Lomas

What happened: In his first game in charge, in a 0-0 draw at Ibrox, he made an ‘insulting’ gesture at no one in particular.  In fact, at no one at all.  It was spotted by the match police commander who told the referee to include in his report.
Punishment: A One match ban, served immediately


Kenny Shiels

What happened: Shiels made comments in the press, relating to a match between St.Johnstone and Celtic, where he described decisions made by the referee as “amazingly loaded” in the favor of Celtic.
Punishment:  A one game ban, with a further suspended one game ban.


Pat Fenlon

What happened:  The Hibs manager was charged with misconduct after being sent to the stands during the defeat to Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.  He was apparently seen making abusive gestures.
Punishment: 2 game ban, with another 2 game suspended sentence.


Paulo Sergio

What happened:  The fiery Portuguese manager was sent to the stand in a match against Kilmarnock.
Punishment: A rather rare 5 game ban, because his reaction was so ‘severe’


Craig Brewster

What happened:  The assistant manager at Ross County was sent to the stands after an altercation with Morton striker James Grady as they retrieved a ball that had gone out of play.  The Ross County boss, Derek Adams described the decision as ‘harsh’
Punishment:  A 2 game ban.


Neil Lennon

What happened: Well, he’s done a lot, but in April 2012 he was reprimanded by the SFA for making these comments about Willie Collum’s performance against Kilmarnock.

“It’s a penalty and a sending off at a big moment in the game. I’m not saying we would’ve scored the penalty but I think the referee’s got that one completely wrong.”

Punishment: A two game ban for “Making comments in an interview which criticise the performance of a match official in such a way as to indicate bias or incompetence.”

So there you are, even minor references to match officials seems to be a two game ban…

… I guess we’ll spend the next week hearing about how much McCoist is being punished, and how unfair it all is.  Meanwhile, I don’t hear any cries from Sally saying:

“Who are these people? I want to know who these people are,”