Misinformation, misinformation and more, misinformation.

When Stewart Milne started his little rant yesterday about namesake Gilmour I had to have a little chuckle.  To blame the St.Mirren chairman for killing reconstruction was more than a little rich after siding with Celtic back in October to block a proposal to change the voting rights in the SPL from 11-1, to 9-3.

The irony is if he hadn’t blocked this change, then his precious reconstruction would have been voted through yesterday with a 10-2 majority.

But that was then, and this is now.  Scottish Football has once again managed to launch itself into civil war, through mis information, bickering and no leadership.

It all started last fortnight, when Sevco favorite comedian Charles Green wandered into St.Mirren Park.  This resulted in, and I’m still scratching my head to the connection, reports from Celtic minded sources that Gilmour had fallen into bed with Sevco.  Bear in mind that Gilmour had already voiced concerns about the reconstruction back in January, and then think who has most to gain by Scottish Football descending into chaos, and then look again at where the statements came from.  Maybe, just maybe, Green knew by attending that game that he could get his compliant media to run with a story that started the new Scottish civil war?

Then lets look at why St.Mirren claim to say no.

The press, and Stewart Milne have made this out as a vote against 11-1, which we will come back to in a minute.  However, in their statement St.Mirren made a number of points.  11-1 was 3rd on their list.  Points made include, fans dont want it, league system has been tried and failed elsewhere, season ticket sales will be affected (all before the 11-1 vote bit!), fixed rules for 3 years, u21 rules, season start dates and on and on they went.

Now, according to Celtic and Aberdeen, a last minute concession was made on the 11-1 voting rules.  St.Mirren and Ross County rejected to even consider this.  The refusal to accept the change has been jumped on by the anti-sevco fans as proof of a St.Mirren/Sevco relationship.  But, lets look through the histeria, and look at the facts.

At the last minute, Celtic and Aberdeen agreed to change all voting on ‘future league reconstruction to 9-3’, if the vote passed.  However, that is not what St.Mirren and Ross County were complaining about.  They had both asked for complete changes to the voting rules.  St.Mirren made the statement:

In the proposed rules the voting structure is remaining, in all items that are of importance

Read that again and pay attention to the phrase ‘in all items that are of importance’

This would include TV rights, rule changes, as well as future reconstruction.  Not just reconstruction.  We can then look further at the ‘new proposed league’.  Wasn’t there also a proposal to fix the league for THREE years?  So, I ask, just what good would the 9-3 rules on reconstruction make anyway, seeing as they couldn’t be voted on for 3 years?

But to me, probably the most sort after answer to a question is this:

What exactly were the benefits to the 12-12-18?

Competitive football?  This seasons SPL and SFL1 have been hugely competitive.

Sponsorship?  What, where, when and how much?  No figures have been released.

TV Deals?  Doncaster has already said our current (undervalued deal) is still in place for the next 4 years.

Fans? It is not what the fans want as has been proven by survey after survey.

And it isn’t just me asking those questions… this is what Roy MacGregor of Ross County asked when he said:

“What benefits do the SPL see in the new proposals? This is the million dollar question, and one which has not been fully answered by anyone.”

Misinformation has been used in Scottish Football for the past generation to force clubs to toe the party line.  The same misinformation was used to keep a Rangers going for years while they traded insolvent.  The misinformation allowed a club that was liquidated to even be considered for an SPL place.  The misinformation then allowed the new company to gain a place in the bottom tier without fulfilling any of the requirements, over more deserving clubs.  This misinformation has again been used throughout the season to allow Sevco to sign players beyond their resources, raise money on the back of a share issue which looks like finishing in chaos and ultimately kill reconstruction hopes.

Now the misinformation continues with Stewart Milne threatening Armageddon next season (where have we heard that before, and how fun has Armageddon been this season?) and blaming St.Mirren for killing Scottish Football.

If a rudderless ship crashes into an iceberg, it is the captain that is to blame.  The irony is that yesterday Celtic came out and praised the contribution of the one man who has been steering Scottish Football off course for years.  He started the Armageddon catch phrase last year and has done nothing to unite the game.  If an organisation is failing, the first thing to fix is the leadership, and that should start at the door of Neil Doncaster.

Until that is done, Scottish Football shouldn’t even consider making changes that will plunge the game to new lows.