About ‘a Saint in Asia’

This blog is vaguely about Saints… St.Johnstone.  The small ‘diddy’ club from Perth, currently enjoying time in the Scottish Premier League (or the SPHell for short).  We drift between the top flight and the lower leagues, building up a team of greats, maybe just squeezing into Europe, and then it falls apart, usually after appointing a ‘Billy Stark’ type ex old firm manager who brings along all his buddy’s and we end up back where we started in Division one.

It’s all part of the fun though!  Thanks to the wonders of our chairman Sir (well, he deserves it more than the Sir from Ibrox) Geoff Brown the Saintees live within their means (which, to all those Rangers fans out there, means we can actually pay our players – you might want to try that sometime), allowing the club to thrive as others falter.

I’ve supported Saints since I was a wee kid growing up in Perth and Kinross.  Somehow I was drawn to the Saints while watching us get gubbed 4-1 by Dundee Utd (in the days of John McClelland… who would have thought he was good for something!) and proceeded to watch just about every game home and away for the next 10 years.

Way back in the days of dial up internet, I ran one of the first Saints related websites, All Saints, which morphed into StJohnstone.net over the years as part of the Rivals.net network (which i believe is now football365.com).  Then the real world came calling, football took a back seat, and I was was off to Japan, which became China, and now, its Philippines that I call home.

Still, despite the time difference, and the lack of football over here, I still support the Saintees all I can… this is my views on whats happening re: football in Scotland, England, and Asia!  I’m looking forward to my son, Sasha Miguel becoming Saints first Filipino player 🙂