Rangers/Sevco’s original statement (before they changed it!)

Rangers.co.uk released a statement straight after the SFL vote.  It was as follows:

“Rangers’ future remains uncertain after the Scottish Football League clubs voted against the Light Blues playing in the First Division next season.

“At a meeting at Hampden today, the 30 member clubs agreed to accept Rangers into the SFL but voted against the SFL board being allowed to broker a deal with the SPL and SFA over new structures and procedures which would also include Rangers playing in Division One.

“It is now understood that on the back of a briefing SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster and SFA counterpart Stewart Regan gave to clubs last week that the SPL will introduce a plan for SPL 2 – which would include Rangers – and invite existing Division One members to join.”

This appeared here on the official rangers.co.uk website.  Since then, it has changed to:

“It was mooted last week that plans for an SPL2 would swing into action in the event of today’s outcome but it is not known if this will be the case.”