Saints in Europe 2012/2013… or are we?

Saints are provisionally in Europe, thanks in part to a successful season, and thanks in part to Rangers self imposed implosion…

But hang on… provisionally?

Well, yeah, according to UEFA’s own website ( which states:

“European places*
Celtic FC – UEFA Champions League, third qualifying round
Motherwell FC – UEFA Champions League, third qualifying round
Heart of Midlothian FC – UEFA Europa League, play-offs
Dundee United FC – UEFA Europa League, third qualifying round
Saint Johnstone FC – UEFA Europa League, second qualifying round

*Subject to final confirmation from UEFA”

Its the bit in bold, subject to confirmation that worries me… this appears on no other ‘season review’ for any other European country (that I can find – I checked a few).  So why on ours?

Are they considering allowing Rangers to Enter?  Which would knock us out by taking away one of the league places?  Surely not – the UEFA rules are very clear and they have already announced back in April that Rangers would not be granted a UEFA licence, so that can’t be the reason.

Which leads me only to the conclusion that UEFA are still very much interested in the whole Rangers debacle.  With dual contract investigations, possible new rules allowing a newco to avoid its debts and continue on as if nothing ever happened and the effects that would have on Michael Platini’s finance fair play campaigns (not to mention the outstanding millions owed to various European clubs) is it possible that UEFA is considering going as far as punishing ALL Scottish clubs should the SPL/SFA not uphold their own rules and UEFA principals?

Why else would they list Scottish clubs as “Subject to final confirmation from UEFA“…??