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Newco? Oldco? Discuss here…

The Newco/Oldco debate has been ended over on TSFM, with the deletion of the excellent post from HirsutePursuit marking the end.  While some think we need to keep reinforcing the message that its… Continue reading

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Reasons for listing…

With the news today that the Rangers franchise are opening ‘registration of interest‘ in their planned public flotation on the AIM market, I thought it was a good time to come out of… Continue reading

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The Rangers debate… replying to a real fan

When I posted my ‘How are they affording Sandaza’ article last week, I half expected some of the vitrol that was forthcoming from RangersMedia and FollowFollow (so much so that I placed a… Continue reading

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Top6: Tannoy’s upsetting the opposition…

With the news today that the Falkirk tannoy man has been suspended by Falkirk for announcing the half time scores as ‘The Sevco Franchise v East Stirling”, I thought I’d take a quick… Continue reading

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How are Sevco affording Sandaza?

I’ve had a few tweets over the last few weeks asking me to do one of my analysis’ on Sevco’s finances and whether they have a sustainable business.  I hadn’t really put much… Continue reading

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Saints without Rangers: So No Armageddon then?

I wrote a few months ago about the affect Rangers not being in our league would have on Saints finances.  Since then a lot has happened, and a club called Sevco Scotland* pretending… Continue reading

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Today is the Day. It should bring a vote of No Confidence…

Today is the day.  It is the day that will make or break Scottish football. On one side we have a united Scottish support – not just the ‘diddy’ clubs, but Celtic and… Continue reading

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Rangerstaxcase – quick web round up:

There has been a selection of excellent articles in the blogosphere over the last few days.  Here is a brief selection of ones worth reading. A new site has cropped up, called ‘Honesty… Continue reading

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Knowing our Rights… my article in the Herald!

Many thanks to the Herald for publishing a rework of my article from last week on the SPL/SFA TV deal. You can read the article here… for those of you who can buy… Continue reading

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Should we be showing ALL games live?

One thing that quickly came apparent after researching and publishing the ‘Scottish Football TV Myth‘ article last Friday was that in comparison to other European countries of a similar size, we show far… Continue reading

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