Monaco Part 1 – On the way


Up at 6.30 am to drive up McDiarmid to catch the coach to the airport. The coaches leave on the dot at 7.30. First taste of singing as we see Miggy walking down the road past the car park by the Ormond Stand – cue ‘Oh Miguel’ ‘Oh Miguel’.  Don’t they pay these players enough for a taxi?

Check in at the airport, – turns out our carrier is ‘Air Toulouse’. spotted immediately by listee Chris McLaughlan as ‘ere to lose’ – a subtle plan by the French

By 9.30 the players were starting to arrive. Roddy and co looked up for it

although Kano had to call his opticians to order a new pair of contact

Into the bar then for a rush on the Bud. Murdo had drawn the plum trip.
Thank God no Chick the Prick.

Who will be playing up front? Nathan looked quite subdued – maybe he was
struggling with the Sun crossword.

Miggy on the other hand was really buzzing – (anyone else have problems taking pictures of Miggy – mighty difficult to get a decent exposure)

Plane trip was uneventful. Cosgrove got the plane singing ‘Take off if you hate Dundee’. The stewardess announce that Stuart McCluskey was now engaged, his fiancee was on the flight.

Off the plane onto the coach to the terminal. Held up in the arrivals hall as the Polis tried to diffuse a bomb. Looked like Gus Stewart was about to thump one of the Airport management as about 1000 passengers were herded away. The polis then decided it was a suitcase (it didn’t have ‘BOMB’ written on it) so we all were let through.

Off then to Monte Carlo by coach.

First view of the ground. Looks impressive – but not as impressive as when we got in there (More of that later)

AS Monaco obviously have a decent marketing manager. Posters everywhere – although obviously that doesn’t guarantee a big crowd!

So off to the hotel, the Meridian for a relax and a beer.

The hotel is the 10 story building just to the left of the big one in the centre. Nice beach & pools but the beer at £6 a pint. Read on for the Wednesday night party.