Sporting values always prevail over Commercial interests

I haven’t written in a while due to work commitments, but I thought today might be a good time to write a quick note.

Read the title… it isn’t just a set of words I have made up, but straight from the UEFA Statues.  A document that all clubs in Scotland, the SFL, the SPL and the SFA have all signed up to.   It is article 2f, that simply states that it is the responsibility of the signatory to;

ensure that sporting values always prevail over commercial interests

There is plenty of rumors this morning, from pish like the Daily Record, to credible fans groups, that some of the #NotoNewco brigade are thinking of changing their vote due to commercial pressures from SKY, Clydesdale Bank and others.  There is talk of a financial Apocalypse if Sevco are not allowed to stay in the SPL, or, at the very least, Division 1.   Apparently the sponsors will walk away.  Threats are being made to SFL clubs to vote yes, otherwise they will be excluded from a breakaway SPL2.

To the Chairman of the clubs – it is your duty to ensure sporting values are upheld.  Morally, and legally.  The fans will walk away – make no mistake about that.  Have you heard of the description of goods act?  It applies to season tickets as well…

To the sponsors.  Do you realise the amount of anger towards the Rangers situation?  Are you aware that thousands (hundreds of thousands) of fans across the country are on the bring of walking away?  It is no coincidence that on the WearePerth message boards the two most replied to and read threads are about the ‘Newco’ situation.  The strength of feeling is overwhelming and we DO do walking away.

Do you want your company to be seen as one that stands for the old guard and corrupt practices?  Do you want your brand perceived as being unfair?  Or do you want your brand to stand for sporting values, and morality, and reap the benefits of being honest and upfront.  By staying silent you are losing credibility.  Who will come out and make a stand and pronounce they do not do walking away, force the SFA into the reform that is badly needed and be seen as the saviors of Scottish Football, with all the good will and benefits that will bring?

By staying silent you are putting your brand at real risk of being associated with corrupt & immoral behavior.   And, make no mistake.  We will be walking away.  The choice is yours, and i’m pretty sure what your brand manager would say…

…Is this a threat you ask?  You bet your ass it is.

This is no longer about Rangers, Sevco or whoever.  This is about the very essecence of our sport.  Anyone left watching Scottish Football in ANY form next season should the SFA, SPL and SFL not uphold their rules may as well just watch WWF and be done with it.

For it will no longer be a SPORT.