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EPL Southeast Asia TV blackout… Where’s the SPFL??

For most of the football watching world the BIG league kicks off this weekend, as the English Premier League kicks into action.  The teams this year are awash with extra revenue as the… Continue reading

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How financially secure are Saints?

For the 2nd year running, Saints announced an annual loss of around 250,000 pound… It makes great headlines for those convinced Armageddon is upon us.  But what does this loss really mean, and… Continue reading

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The Sevco Blame game… but does Sally have a point?

It is another day but yet again the papers carry stories with TSF (The Sevco Franchise) blaming the rest of Scottish Football for the mess they find themselves in. This time, it is… Continue reading

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A SFA review: Of Managers and Punishments

“Who are these people? I want to know who these people are,” The now infamous words that left Sally McCoists mouth on the 25th of April, just after an anonymous, and confidential, three… Continue reading

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Originally posted on Scottish Football Monitor:
Earlier this year, explained the meaning of ‘Succulent Lamb’.  It was a phrase – referring to the art of journalists who accept what they are told (right…

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The Rangers debate… replying to a real fan

When I posted my ‘How are they affording Sandaza’ article last week, I half expected some of the vitrol that was forthcoming from RangersMedia and FollowFollow (so much so that I placed a… Continue reading

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SPL without Rangers… and how it affects our coefficient.

I keep reading articles in the MSM talking about how without Rangers, Scotland’s coefficient is being ruined.  Our coeee-what-eee?  Let’s start with the basics. Each year a certain number of European places is… Continue reading

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Top6: Tannoy’s upsetting the opposition…

With the news today that the Falkirk tannoy man has been suspended by Falkirk for announcing the half time scores as ‘The Sevco Franchise v East Stirling”, I thought I’d take a quick… Continue reading

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Winners and Losers 20th August 2012

Winners Ross County still unbeaten, and now they can include the champions in the list of those unable to beat them. Kevin Moon injuries to Davidson and Cregg should mean Moon is in… Continue reading

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Winners and Losers – August 13th

Winners: The Rangers fans You gotta give them credit.  38k fans against East Fife is pretty good going.  If they have attendances like that in the winter months then they deserve more praise.… Continue reading

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