Monaco Part Six – the way home…


Off to the airport at 11 am only to be told there would be a 3 hour delay(eventually turned into a 4 hour one). Checked in, sat down in the cafe and watched life go by. The team turned up about 1.00pm and merged in with the crowd, ……well almost.

Roddy looked knackered or was it just pissed off.

Del and George going up in the world.

Kano taking on some sustenance. Hardly a smile out of him all the time in the airport.

Kevin looking thoughtful in the cafe

Is he drinking or what?

Stewart Duff turned up later on looking the sruffiest I have ever seen…..a suit, bright blue shirt with no tie and 3 buttons undone!

Finnally, the French air traffic control gave us a slot and onto the plane and back home for a sleep. Back to normal on Sunday with the trip to Scumdee. Not sure what the team for Sunday will be – Dazza sounded really bad with flu when we spoke to him in the airport, I doubt if he will be in.  Kevin Thomas’s girlfriend said Kevin was bad with flu during the game, so he may not be fit. Judging by the way the players were walking round in pairs, we guessed that would represents who were room-mates. That would  put Jesus in with Nick hence bets on Jesus missing the Scumdee game.

The trips to Monaco and Vaasa have both been superb. Worth every penny.  The two trips were excellent for different reasons. Vaasa was great for the night before the game – that will never be repeated. Monaco, great for the  prematch singing and the 1000 fans there. Also Monaco was a great place to go – the weather, the beer, the sights etc. What an incentive to get back to Europe next year.

‘Monaco, Monaco, …we’re the famous Perth St Johnstone and we’ve been to Monaco’

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