The BIG Trondheim Photo Gallery #europasaints

It’s been a while, but sitting thousands of miles and a 2000gbp, 24 hour/3 flights away I thought it was time to resurrect this blog with the Saintee’s latest trip into Europe, this time to Trondheim to face Rosenborg.

Gutted (again!) to be missing this, but someone needs to stay at home (or on a Philippine Beach) to record for posterity the shenagins of a Saintees Abroad tour.

All pics are picked off open Twitter feeds – if you want one removed contact me .  If you want more added send me the pics or simply use the hash tag #europasaints in your tweets.

You can also contact me on twitter @stevensanph.

For the best of the Saintee’s tweets from Norway you can head over to my Saints in Trondheim best of twitter feed!

Saints fans having a sing song in ‘The Three Lions’