Monaco Part Five – Match Pics & Post Match


So, out of the stadium, what a noise from the celebrating Saints fans,  – did we lose?

Massed ranks of Saintees marching back to town, following the pipes.

Back towards Canton Square where the bar was closed and everything swept and cleaned. The Nice crowd headed for the station to get the last train out whilst the not so Nice crowd headed downtown.

A few bars later we ended by up in McCready’s along with many of the Monaco based Saintees. Mood was a bit subdued – little in the way of singing but the beer was good. One fan started up with ‘Stand up if you hate Dundee’  – the response…. ‘Lounge about a little bit if you hate Dundee…’.

Brian eventually gave up. We did see him in the airport the following day!

Back to the hotel around 3. Sandy Clark was in the bar along with quite a crowd. Not the best of results on the pitch but a brilliant not to be missed day out. The atmosphere at Canton Square before the game eclipsed even Vaasa and will never be forgotten. Role on Europe next year.

Read on for the way home.